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Thomas Robinson

The Windows 10 Anniversary Update released a couple of days ago and it’s pretty neat (stay tuned for a full-ish review) but if you used Glass8, a popular application that’s used to put an Aero glass effect on Windows 8+ title bars, you might be in for a surprise after you update to version 1607.

The Problem

I posted a Twitter video a few days back, after I installed the update, which will make the rather big problem pretty apparent if you watch it.

Reasonably, I thought the issue was being caused by the Nvidia graphics drivers. As I came to find, that wasn’t the issue at all.

Even after re-installing the Nvidia graphics driver and fiddling with some settings, the issue persisted. I needed to figure out what was happening.

The Solution

After uninstalling a few programs I thought might have been causing it (Classic Shell, Moo0 Transparent Menu, etc., the issue continued. I then remembered — I had Glass8 installed. So, after attempting to delete it in Safe Mode, and Windows Explorer saying it was in use, I rebooted into Safe Mode with Command Prompt. From there, I navigated to the folder I installed it in and ran del ..

From that point, knowing that Glass8’s files were all gone, I restarted once again, into regular Windows (no Safe Mode this time), and sure enough, the issue was gone!