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Thomas Robinson

This review didn’t come out as well as I had hoped, but it’s here. I also know I’ve only been with them for a couple of months, so I can’t really make too many concrete statements; I’ll make a follow-up review towards the end of the year if I deem it necessary. Anyway, the review is below.


Before switching to this website, I was at, which was a free blog that I started in 2014, but as 2016 grew nearer, I realised that I needed much more customisation options and more flexibility, so I decided — after looking at other CMS systems — that I should use the “self-hosted” version of WordPress on my own server.

The first hosting service I looked at was BlueHost, as I know lots of sites that use them, however they are pretty expensive for what you get. Because of this, I Googled even more and found HostGator. They took my payment, but they wouldn’t let me access any of what I paid for, then wouldn’t let me refund it. Yeah. Not great, but luckily I got the cheapest plan they had and was able to cancel via PayPal. Continuing my search, I somehow stumbled upon Tsohost, and I thought they were really great (and cheap) and from the reviews I found they seemed pretty cool.

Setting up

For me, setting up what I needed was really straightforward and only required me to press a single button to install WordPress. Finding my WordPress admin credentials was easy to do as well, and only required searching their knowledge base and finding this video.


The site has been pretty fast, at least since I installed the WP Super Cache plugin and put my site on CloudFlare. Pingdom lists the load time as 1.36 seconds (from Sweden), which is fine for me, but I could probably improve it somehow.



The site has only gone down a couple of times and all downtime has been under 15 minutes (maybe because UptimeRobot checks every 5 minutes), which I find pretty impressive.

Below is a screenshot from UptimeRobot that shows the downtimes.



Pretty good value, they offer somewhat flexible plans and 4 regular ones that are really great value, at least in my eyes.



I was a bit sceptical when I learned Tsohost use their own proprietary panel for managing your site, but once I got used to it, I found that it works really well and I haven’t found anything wrong with it so far.


They also have a second “panel” to manage customer info, payment, etc.


Every support ticket and email I’ve sent has been replied to within 12 hours. (That’s fast!) Haven’t needed to call yet, but I assume it’s as good as email.


Good speeds, good price, good everything really. I highly recommend them!