Step 1: Make sure the extension cord is plugged in. You can use this tutorial I wrote a few years ago if you don’t know how to do this.

Step 2: Locate the plug for the device you would like to plug in. Make sure its lead reaches the extension cord.

Step 3: Gently insert the plug into the socket(s) provided on the extension cord. Ensure the prongs are in all the way before turning on your device.

Step 4: If your extension cord (and/or the socket it’s plugged into) has a switch, put it in the on position.

Step 5: You should be done! If not, follow the troubleshooting step below.


** The product I plugged in does not work:** Make sure the plug is inserted all the way in the socket, the power is turned on and that the device actually works.


Remember that you are running multiple devices from one outlet; Don’t plug too many high power things into the extension cord.


Purchase a cord with built in surge protection. They are not that much more expensive and will protect against minor power surges (as you could probably infer from the name).


Thanks to Harrison AO554 for suggesting this tutorial. Hopefully this helped him plug something into an extension cord.