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Thomas Robinson

As you can hopefully see, I’ve finally moved my blog to this site using the magic of Jekyll.

I have a couple reasons for this, the main one being that this is way more customizable! Like it’s my own website, with my own code, my own whatever. You can’t get that level of freedom with Medium. Don’t get me wrong, Medium is frickin’ awesome, but I just figured that this would be a better idea.

Another problem with Medium is that posts would have a stupidly long URL, take my Glass8 post from last year. Its URL is That’s annoyingly long, but I suppose it does work. With this new site, I can basically make the path whatever I please. Literally.

I don’t want this post to turn into “top 10 reasons Medium sucks,” so here’s a couple nice things about Medium that I will definitely miss.

The editor. As much as I like getting down to the metal and writing code, it just feels clunky for writing blog posts. The Medium editor is so fresh and clean, a lot better than writing with Markdown in Atom at least.

The general UI. I know I just said that I despise Medium’s lack of customizability, but I really dig the UI. As with the editor, it feels fresh and clean. Everything feels like it has a purpose. This website doesn’t look as flashy and bright, but it works, it gets the job done. It’s small, fast and gets to the point. It can also be changed at any time, with a simple commit.

I could go on for pages and pages about what I like and dislike about Medium, but that’s not the point of this post.

This current website took me about 12 hours to properly create, using the previous site as a base. That does include importing some of the old blog posts, but that’s still technically creating the site. It’s far from perfect, but I suppose as long as it works it’ll be fine. As always, the site is published on and hosted with GitHub; you can find it here, if you’re interested.

I’ve spent the past few hours copy pasting the content from my 15 or so blog posts into markdown files and making sure they’re properly formatted. It’s gonna take another few hours to add the rest of the posts, but that’s a task for another day. I’m frankly exhausted from just doing that.

Before I close off this post, I’d like to add one more point to why I’m moving here: Medium felt so.. ‘professional’, which is something I’m not. It didn’t seem like the place to post random updates that are too long for Twitter, it didn’t seem like the place to post random rants about whatever, it felt too sterile for that. Posting here allows me to (basically) say whatever the fuck I please. It’s nice.

Man this post went on for way longer than I expected it to. Hopefully there’s now hug mistaks or anyfing.

If you’ve got an opinion on me switching from Medium to here, or the new site design, feel free to use the buttons below. Do keep in mind that I can update any part of this at any time (freedom!), so any suggestions can be implemented really quite quickly.

Anyway, cheers for reading.