Thomas Robinson

Ey up! Been a long while since I’ve posted anything here, apologies for that, but not much of interest has really happened for me to have a write about.

Right, so starting at the front, my unit features a HP StorageWorks RDX cartridge bay, a Lightscribe DVD drive as well as some free bays that are covered by the panel.

Taking off the front bezel (mine didn’t come with a key, thankfully it was unlocked) reveals (4) 3.5” drive bays. They’re not hotswappable, but they are fairly easy to remove and replace and the caddies are cheap to purchase.

Removing the side panel exposes the massive blue plastic air duct that keeps the the passively-cooled Xeon E5606’s temperatures down. My used upgraded model also features 12GB of ECC RAM and a 32GB SSD.

Shoddy photo of the large ducting used to direct the air over the passive CPU cooler
Shoddy photo of the large ducting used to direct the air over the passive CPU cooler

There’s a variety of ports on the rear, including 2 gigabit LAN ports, VGA, a few USB 2 ports and some other older legacy connectors such as PS/2 and Serial.

When the server powers on after a power loss, it ramps the fans up to max speed, presumably to check they work alright. They do sound like jet engines, but once the server POSTs they calm down quite a bit. While not whisper quiet, the server is considerabl y quieter than other servers I’ve been around.

Being a server, the installation of OpenMediaVault (a Debian-based “NAS” OS featuring a nice web UI) was really easy, although removing the installation flash drive caused GRUB to freak out a bit (easy to fix, just changed sdc to sda in the menu).

The OMV web interface
The OMV web interface

Performance is more than adequate for my needs (selfhosting things in Docker containers), but I can imagine that the single socket CPU and relatively small number of cores would be very limiting to some people. Currently the server idles at about 5% CPU and 50% RAM, but that quickly jumps up when Plex is transcoding or other programs get stressed.


To close out this post, here’s a non-exhaustive list of some things I have running (most in Docker)

Have a gander at for some more specs and details!

If you’ve any questions, feel free to give me a bell via email or Twitter. Cheers for reading!

Also: thanks to the people I forced asked to check this post actually made sense. If it doesn’t you can blame them.