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Thomas Robinson

You may or may not have noticed, but my primary home on the internet is now rather than While this new website looks pretty similar, it’s been re-written from the ground up to make it less of a PITA for me to maintain (it’s still not great though).

To save myself writing paragraphs upon paragraphs, here’s some Qs and As I assume you’ll have:


Quite simply, having two websites was confusing and annoying to maintain. As much as I like the idea of keeping “dnomaid” distance from myself, it’s just way easier this way.

Why not keep

Saying “deen-o-maid” as most people do doesn’t really communicate the spelling. If someone asks me what my website is, I’d quite like to be able to just tell them without writing down the spelling.

What’s happening to

It’s not going away, far from it. All the subdomains and that (dwn, pi, whatever) are staying the same. Only GitHub projects, the blog and any other pages after the slash have most (mostly because it was logistically easier.)

Does this mean you’re retiring the fish?

No. I’m just using that baby photo in more places since I think it fits more.

Did you copy Leo?