Homelab Updates (Late 2020 Edition)

22nd October 2020 • tech, homelab

Joining the Thinkpad Club

21st October 2020 • tech

Moaning about the Network West Midlands rebrand

23rd June 2019 • complaint

New website!

And it's moved!

12th January 2019 • updates

Homelab Updates (late 2018)

22nd November 2018 • tech, homelab

Sony a6000 (+ 16-50 kit lens) review


16th June 2018 • tech, photography

My favourite Linux distros

24th February 2018 • tech, linux

My very boring new-years resolution

Selfhost as much as possible; use more FOSS

19th January 2018 • tech, linux

Quick look at the HP ML330 G6 tower server

Quite a step-up from a Raspberry Pi

18th January 2018 • tech, review, linux, homelab

Have a look at some of my previous sites

They're not that great

26th July 2017 • history

Well would you look at that, a new site!

It's all Jekyll-ey

5th July 2017 • updates

My first real experience with Linux

I’ve finally taken the plunge and actually installed it on a primary system.

5th April 2017 • tech, linux

ASUS X556UB follow up review after a month

About a month ago, I gave my first impressions on the ASUS X556UB-XX039T laptop. Here’s the follow-up I promised.

29th November 2016 • tech, review

I got a Community Guidelines strike

19th October 2016 • youtube

ASUS X556UB First Impressions

My ‘review’ of the ASUS X556UB-XX039T laptop after a day of use.

17th October 2016 • tech, review

Poundland Mouse Review

A short “review” of Signalex’s £1 mouse.

24th August 2016 • tech, review

Installing Bash on Windows 10

7th August 2016 • tutorial

Glass8 is not the biggest fan of the Windows 10 Anniversary update

4th August 2016 • tech, windows

Tsohost Review

After using them since January, this is my review of Tsohost.

18th May 2016 • tech, review

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