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Thomas Robinson

All Posts with category "tech"

  1. Homelab Updates (Late 2020 Edition)

    22nd October 2020

  2. Joining the Thinkpad Club

    21st October 2020

  3. Homelab Updates (late 2018)

    22nd November 2018

  4. Sony a6000 (+ 16-50 kit lens) review

    TLDR: 👌

    16th June 2018

  5. My favourite Linux distros

    24th February 2018

  6. My very boring new-years resolution

    Selfhost as much as possible; use more FOSS

    19th January 2018

  7. Quick look at the HP ML330 G6 tower server

    Quite a step-up from a Raspberry Pi

    18th January 2018

  8. My first real experience with Linux

    I’ve finally taken the plunge and actually installed it on a primary system.

    5th April 2017

  9. ASUS X556UB follow up review after a month

    About a month ago, I gave my first impressions on the ASUS X556UB-XX039T laptop. Here’s the follow-up I promised.

    29th November 2016

  10. ASUS X556UB First Impressions

    My ‘review’ of the ASUS X556UB-XX039T laptop after a day of use.

    17th October 2016

  11. Poundland Mouse Review

    A short “review” of Signalex’s £1 mouse.

    24th August 2016

  12. Glass8 is not the biggest fan of the Windows 10 Anniversary update

    4th August 2016

  13. Tsohost Review

    After using them since January, this is my review of Tsohost.

    18th May 2016