How do I contact you?

Check out the sidebar on the left!

What is a dnomaid?

It's just "diamond" backwards. I used to be the "DiamondPigman," people shortened it to just "Diamond" and it stuck.

How do I say "dnomaid"?

Take a look at this site I made.

What's with the lowercase?

I think it looks nicer ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

What's that face thing?

It's me as a baby.

What's that fish thing?

It's a close-up of a fish in a colouring book that was featured in the ashens 2016 Christmas Special.

Are you aware you share your name with the psuydonym of someone not-so-pleasant?

Yes - very aware - but why should that matter? Lots of people share their names with other people; no one even calls me "Tommy" in the first place. People have seriously suggested I change my name because of the dude, and I think that's just insane.

What music are you into?

I'm on and you can check out this Spotify Playlist for my favourites.

What computers do you have?

Check out this page.

I want to ask a question!

First off, that's not a question, but use this link