What is a dnomaid?

It's just "diamond" backwards. I used to be the "DiamondPigman," people shortened it to just "Diamond" and it stuck.

How do I say "dnomaid"?

Take a look at this site I made.

What's with the lowercase?

Looks nicer.

What's that fish thing?

It's a close-up of a fish in a colouring book that was featured in ashens' 2016 Christmas Special.

What's that face thing?

It's me as a baby.

Are you aware you share your name with the psuydonym of someone not-so-pleasant?

Yes - very aware - but why should that matter? Lots of people share their names with other people; no one even calls me "Tommy" in the first place. People have seriously suggested I change my name because of the dude, and I think that's just insane.

What camera do you use?

If I can, I use my Sony a6000, but sometimes I just use my phone, its camera quality is pretty decent.

What music are you into?

I'm on last.fm!

How do I contact you?

Check out the sidebar on the left!

I'd like to know what computers you have

Check out this page.

I want to ask a question!

Click here!