A screenshot of lunarnet.space

LunarNet.space HTMLSCSSJekyll

A website for a friend, using the Jekyll static site generator.

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A screenshot of magiccap.me

MagicCap.me HTMLSCSSJekyllJavascript

The website for MagicCap, a FOSS screenshot suite for macOS and Linux.

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A screenshot of ubuntucodenamegen

Ubuntu Codename Generator HTMLCSSJavascript

Uses a large list of adjectives and animals to generate plausable-sounding Ubuntu codenames.

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A screenshot of redditunsub

Unsubscribe from inactive subreddits HTMLCSSJavascript

A tool to easilly unsubscribe from subreddits that aren't active at all, or aren't very active.

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A screenshot of flickrmap

Flickr Photo Map SCSSJavascript

Dissatisfied with the first-party Flickr map, I created my own version. Uses the LeafletJS library.

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A screenshot of nexttrains

Next Trains PHP

Get the next trains from any UK national rail station on your Google Assistant-enabled device.


A screenshot of skyepg

SkyEPG Recreation HTMLSCSSJavascript

A functioning(ish) web recreation of the classic Sky TV electronic programme guide and general Digibox interface.


A screenshot of brexit

Brexit Website Gov.UK Technical Documentation Generator

The obviously-not-fictitious website for HM Government's Department for Brexit and Trade Negotiations.


User Styles CSS

Sloppy CSS tweaks and fixes for websites

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User Scripts Javascript

Crappy scripts for websites to add functionality or whatever

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