Apparently a /uses page is a sort-of-standard, so here’s a handy dandy page of things I use - if that tickles your fancy for whatever reason.

Under my desk is a PC that’s getting on a bit but still runs plenty fine. There’s an i7 4790k and a GTX 970 inside, alongside 16GB of RAM. I have three monitors: two 23” 16:9 1080p affairs and a 17” 4:3 LG. I type on a DASkeyboard Prime 13 (MX Browns) and click with an MX Master 3.

My daily laptop is a ThinkPad X280 with an i5 8350U and most of the bells and whistles.

My computers run Windows 10 Pro because I’m lazy, though the ThinkPad has a Manjaro dualboot and I’ve played around with Hackintoshing.

An iPhone 7 lives in my pocket, along with the obligatory Airpods. On my wrist is a 4th gen Apple Watch. That’s enough apples to keep the doctor away for months.

For full specs/pictures and for other random tech junk I’ve accumulated, I’ve got it all catalogued here

Last updated: 5 Jun 2021